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Live Blood Analysis

We are very excited to announce that we will now be offering live blood analysis by appointment every day in the store.

The aim of live blood analysis to educate our clients and offer nutritional support to enhance quality of life while allowing the client to take control of their own health.

Live blood analysis is an examination of your blood through a high-powered microscope. A single drop of blood is taken from the tip of your finger, viewed through the microscope, and displayed on a high-definition screen which provides a high resolution of the features of the blood.

This process allows the evaluation of blood features in their living state. The variations in the size, shape, ratios & fine structure of red cells, white cells, platelets and other structures in your blood indicate specific things about health:

* Nutritional deficiencies
* Organ-system dysfunctions
* Digestive health
* Antioxidant levels & Free-Radical load
* Certain biochemical imbalances
* Immune status & activity
* Toxicity levels

This analysis gives you a unique opportunity to see your own blood cells on the monitor!

How can the information learned during a live blood analysis session help you?

Live blood analysis can show imbalances very early on, usually well before that of standard blood testing. There are many anomalies that can be seen in live blood that are not ever tested for in regular lab blood tests. During your appointment, we will discuss recommendations that can then be implemented to improve your health. Every single person’s body and health is individual, so live blood analysis can be used to reveal an individual’s pattern of health. Everyone, because of their unique genetic makeup and environment, has unique nutritional requirements to achieve optimal health and well-being. One diet or one supplement does not work for everyone. It is helpful to have affordable, non-invasive testing to determine the current state of your health, to track patterns, and provide practical solutions through diet and lifestyle changes. Many of the problems related to poor blood conditions are nutrition and food related, so suggested nutritional supplementation, dietary changes and lifestyle changes are given to work toward better health.

A live blood analysis appointment last approximately one hour and is $55.
Call the store at 505-243-0370 to schedule an appointment!